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10 things to know about how social media affects teens' brains

If you are a teenager or if you are a parent of teenagers, you should read this article (link below). The contents may be applicable to both young and older adults who use social media, as well.

To summarize, here are the 10 points:

1. Social interaction is key to every child's growth and development.

2. Social media platforms often traffic in the wrong kind of social interaction.

3. It's not all bad (e.g., friendships, space for self-discovery and expression).

4. Adolescence is a "developmentally vulnerable period" when teens crave social rewards, but don't have the ability to restrain themselves.

5. "Likes" can make bad behavior look good.

6. Social media can also make "psychologically disordered behavior" look good.

7. Extreme social media use can look a lot like addiction.

8. The threat of online bullying is real.

9. It's hard not to compare yourself to what you see in social media.

10. Sleep is more important than those "likes."

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